Juices - Natural Fruit and Veggie Juice Bar
Building Fund Raiser
We are so thankful for the support and encouragement from our customers  helping to change to a healthier lifestyle.  As you may know, the first year of any small business is one the most challenging.  We love what we do serving our community one healthy nutritious juice one customer at a time.   
There is one challenge we are currently experiencing that requires a little more than our monthly operating expenses.   We need a new sign.  Due to changes in our county's building code, our front signage had to be removed because it was not compliant.  Our sales which are steady and slowly increasing, are not quite enough to meet the needs of this demand.  The new sign will increase our visibility and attract new customers to Juices Rx. 
Our only option is to reach out to our community and ask for assistance on this matter.  We are asking those that are able to donate to help contribute just $1, 5 or 10 to make this happen.  A portion the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. When we reach our goal of $3800, our request for assistance will end.  Keep posted on all developments.  Thank you.  
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